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SEC Filings
Simfund Identifiers
SEC Identifiers
Regulatory Disclosure Filings

SEC Filings

Comprehensive electronic library of all mutual fund filings from 1997 to today

Key Applications

  • Download any mutual fund related filing including latest Prospectus and SAI, Annual Report, Proxies, Stickers, and more in HTML, PDF or WORD formats.
  • Quickly access legal language everywhere in filings. You can accurately identify your universe now by narrowing down your search to a specific date range, filing type, company, etc.
  • Save queries/reports and get an automatic update next time you load them.


Locate your filings by:

  • Portfolio / Company marketing names
  • Objectives
  • Fund Types
  • etc.


Locate your filings by:

  • SEC Trust name
  • CIK number
  • Accession ID