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Fund Changes - Jul-20
 Fund Changes
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Week 26: 6/29/2020-7/3/2020

  • Samir Parekh and Renaud H. Samyn will join the portfolio management team of the American Funds SMALLCAP World fund ($49.7 billion), replacing Noriko H. Chen and Claudia P. Huntington; and John R. Queen and Vincent J. Gonzales will be added to the team managing the American Funds Intermediate Bond Fund of America fund ($25.1 billion)
  • Marc Pinto plans to retire from Janus Henderson in Q2 2021, and will leave the portfolio management team of the Janus Henderson Balanced fund ($20.5 billion) and the Janus Henderson Growth and Income fund ($5.6 billion); and Garth Yettick will no longer help manage the Janus Henderson Global Technology and Innovation fund ($4.6 billion), leaving Denny Fish as the sole portfolio manager to the fund...
  • Matthew Lilling of ClearBridge Investments will replace Derek Deutsch on the portfolio management team of the Vanguard Explorer fund ($15.8 billion)
  • Caroline Le Feuvre will replace Kristina Bradshaw on the team managing the Invesco Diversified Dividend fund ($15 billion) and the Invesco Dividend Income fund ($3.6 billion)
  • Blackrock registers the iShares 25+ Year Treasury STRIPS Bond ETF, which will track an index composed of the principal payments of U.S. Treasury bonds with remaining maturities of at least 25 years; three ESG ETFs: iShares ESG Screened S&P 500 ETF, iShares ESG Screened S&P Mid-Cap ETF, and, iShares ESG Screened S&P Small-Cap ETF; and the BlackRock Private Investments interval fund, providing a targeted exposure to private equity investments...
  • Thirty-five American Funds funds will reduce their front-end sales charge on Class 529-A shares, and eleven American Funds funds will modify their Class A front-end sales load schedules (dealer reallowance will be modified accordingly)
  • Renaissance Investment Management and ClariVest Asset Management will leave the sub-advisory teams of the USAA Growth fund ($2.8 billion) and the USAA Small Cap Stock fund ($1.3 billion), respectively...
  • Van Eck registers two passively managed fixed income ETFs: the VanEck Vectors BBB Corporate ETF and VanEck Vectors IG Corporate ETF...
  • Jackson Creek Investment Advisors will replace 361 Capital on the sub-advisory team managing the SEI SIIT Small/Mid Cap Equity fund ($904 million) and SEI SIMT Small Cap Growth fund ($306 million)...

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